One Giant Leap

Art Camp Week 2

Can you imagine a world different than what you already know? Looking into the future we see beauty, innovations and opportunities, but we also see destruction and challenges that the world will be facing on land, in the sea, and with our climate. How do we want to influence others and make the world a better place? Imagine a world where people worked together for change and prosperity for all! Artists are making change happen and you can, too! For example, English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor created underwater works of figural art that become functioning coral reefs and are helping to ring back reef life in Cancun. During WEEK Two Creativity Camp, campers will focus on how amazing people are making positive change happen in the medical world, the social world and the world of space travel. We will look at artists who are trying to send a message and/or make an impact like Patrick Bremer. Kids will look at the beauty of microscopic images zoomed in to create painted Microscopic Zentangle paintings, create Evolution mosaic mirrors that combine the understanding of the science behind clay and where it comes from, glazes and how they work, and crafting amazing functional and non-functional art, and design Rocket Ships that will take us to Mars. We will create Plaster Hand sculptures that hold something we want to give back to the earth to sustain life for the future. Our field trip will take us exploring at the University of Minnesota’s NEW Bell Museum and their amazing planetarium for a film and interactive experience called One Giant Leap before heading over to Mercury Mosaics for a tour and art experience In this exciting futuristic camp, we will take one giant leap for humankind!

Dates: July 15-19, 2019 (Monday – Friday)

Choose from these two sessions:

Time: 9:00am-noon (for kids going into 2nd-5th grades or ages 7-10)
Time: 1:00-4:00pm (for kids going into 5th-9th grades or ages 10-14)

Cost: $170.00 includes week-long camp materials and snacks, as well as fees for the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum and to Mercury Mosaics on Wednesday, July 17th.

Location: 303 Manitou Street in Northfield (Hauck Home)

Note: On Wednesday (Day 3) we will be taking an ALL DAY FIELD TRIP to the NEW U of M’s Bell Museum of Natural History and to Mercury Mosaics. At the Bell Museum, campers will take a tour of the gallery “where students will take a deep dive into the technology of space exploration and the diversity of life through the lens of the museum’s famous dioramas.” We will then travel over to the Mercury Mosaics in the warehouse district of NE Minneapolis to tour and begin our mosaic mirror art. Please pack a lunch for your child(ren) for the field trip. 5-6 adult driver/chaperones will be needed. All AM & PM campers will attend the extended day time 9am-4pm. Our field trip will leave from 303 Manitou Street at 9:00am and arrive back at 303 Manitou Street by 4:00pm.


(note: a healthy snack and water will be provided daily)


Plaster gauze, paint and found objects - PLASTER HAND SCULPTURES (artist big ideas: Jason deCaires)

FIELD TRIP ALL DAY to the U of M Bell Museum and to Mercury Mosaics. Campers will spend time with an interactive film called “One Giant Leap” in the planetarium and exploring the exhibits. They will then travel over to NE Minneapolis to tour the Mercury Mosaics artisan tile facility and take a mosaic class to learn how “change begins with YOU!” What are you passionate about doing to make the world a better place? Artists will provide a tour of the facility and explain their process. They will also teach us to understand the science behind clay and where it comes from, glazes and how they work, and giving us time and materials to craft some amazing mosaic art!

mixed media – continue our EVOLUTION MIRROR MOSAICS (artist big ideas: Patrick Bremer)

aluminum embossing and paint markers – ROCKET SHIP DESIGNS *SWIMMING & **GALLERY RECEPTION

AM & PM CAMPS ARE FULL.  If you choose to register now, please know that you will likely be on a waiting list for this camp.  You will receive an email with more information ASAP

*SWIMMING: Campers will have the opportunity to swim at 11:00AM (morning session) and 3:00pm (afternoon session) in an indoor pool on-site. Certified lifeguard will be present. Please send your camper with a swim suit under his/her clothing that day!

**GALLERY RECEPTION: 11:45AM (morning session) or 3:45 (afternoon session.). Parents & families are encouraged to come to the show to celebrate with us and to check out all the amazing art in our backyard outdoor gallery space! Refreshments will be served.