Spy Art

Art Camp Week 3

How can we alter reality to convince, confuse or surprise people? Have some hilarious fun while learning about some secret ways that we, as artists, can expose new ideas to the world. This week will be full of mysteries and problems to solve! Get your spy gear on, grab your magnifying glass… as we jump into curious worlds of lurking shadows and microscopic discoveries. There's often more to a picture than meets the eye, and many of the world's most famous artworks have secrets hidden beneath the surface. The 2019 WEEK Three Creativity Camp will reveal mysteries and challenge our ideas as we use our artist (and spy) eyes to look closely at the world around us. Kids will create Vintage Shadow monoprints (on fabrics); Glazed Surprise bowls (can you spot the pattern change?); Super Zoom paintings (can you guess what image from nature it is?); and Doodle Discovery drawings (can you figure out the visual pun?) We will also be creating Mary Doodle Drawings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pExrnhViqXE), Monster Doodles and Exquisite Corpse Drawings as exercises to expand the imagination throughout the course of the week of camp. Art campers will surprise and delight each other and our families with our creations and, of course, enjoy a fun field trip to the Bakken Museum https://thebakken.org to discover how science and art can connect in powerful ways. There we will explore exhibits about electricity and learn about Frankenstein, a tale of a mad scientist haunted by his creation. We will then head over to Highpoint Center for Printmaking https://www.highpointprintmaking.org to ink up our Vintage Shadow Monoprints in their amazing print studio. WEEK Three Campers are bound for a fun-filled surprising adventure!

Dates: July 22-26, 2019 (Monday – Friday)

Choose from these two sessions:

Time: 9:00am-noon (for kids going into 2nd-5th grades or ages 7-10)
Time: 1:00-4:00pm (for kids going into 5th-9th grades or ages 10-14)

Cost: $170.00 includes week-long camp materials and snacks, as well as fees for the Bakken Museum and Highpoint Center for Printmaking on Wednesday, July 24th.

Location: 303 Manitou Street in Northfield (Hauck Home)

Note: On Wednesday (Day 2) we will be taking an ALL DAY FIELD TRIP to the Bakken Museum and Highpoint Center for Printmaking. At the Bakken Museum, campers will experience the electricity exhibits, discover about the wiring of circuits, learn about the story and author of Frankenstein and walk through the medicinal gardens. We will then travel over to Highpoint Center for Printmaking (HCP). At Highpoint, kids will print their VINTAGE SHADOW MONOPRINTS on fabric. Please pack a lunch for your child(ren) for the field trip. 5-6 adult driver/chaperones will be needed. All AM & PM campers will attend the extended day time 9am-4pm. Our field trip will leave from 303 Manitou Street at 9:00am and arrive back at 303 Manitou Street by 4:00pm.


(note: a healthy snack and water will be provided daily)

Painting with glaze on bisque-fired bowls - GLAZED SURPRISE BOWLS

colored pencil drawing - DOODLE DISCOVERY DRAWINGS (artist big ideas: hidden secrets in famous art and “Where’s Waldo”)

FIELD TRIP DAY to the Bakken Museum (a museum about people who have tinkered enough to make great and lasting innovations) where campers will spend time learning about electricity and explore the exhibits. Students will also spend time at Highpoint Center for Printmaking printing their Vintage Shadow relief prints.

Pen and watercolor painting – SUPER ZOOM PAINTING (artist big ideas: Mary Jo Fox)

Mount our monoprints on fabrics - VINTAGE SHADOW MONOPRINTS. If time, we will refine our week of exercise drawings, including our Mary Doodle Drawings, our Monster Doodles and our Exquisite Corpse Drawings!


AM & PM CAMPS ARE FULL.  If you choose to register now, please know that you will likely be on a waiting list for this camp.  You will receive an email with more information ASAP

*SWIMMING: Campers will have the opportunity to swim at 11:00AM (morning session) and 3:00pm (afternoon session) in an indoor pool on-site. Certified lifeguard will be present. Please send your camper with a swim suit under his/her clothing that day!

**GALLERY RECEPTION: 11:45AM (morning session) or 3:45 (afternoon session.). Parents & families are encouraged to come to the show to celebrate with us and to check out all the amazing art in our backyard outdoor gallery space! Refreshments will be served.